Sneaky Peek - Gallery 464 - Bus Station Toilet - Student Dries Himself After Shower
VIDEO RUN TIME 5:12   |   40 Images

I seemed to be waiting for an age for this handsome young guy to come out of the shower. Perhaps he'd been wanking in there. It didn't really matter that he took so long 'cos it was pretty late in the evening and no-one knocked on the door wanting him to hurry up. I wanted him to get a move on though 'cos I was getting very excited with anticipation for his return. I was literally shaking, I was that turned on.He's dripping wet when he enters the room and quickly dries his smooth, beautiful body. I'd really like to be in there with him, helping him dry off his arse crack and his cock and balls. Of course, he doesn't notice my tiny camera aimed through the miniscule hole I've drilled in the wall between these two cubicles.